Mr. V.S.C. Weragoda
Department of Materials Science and
University of Moratuwa,
Katubedda, Sri Lanka.

+94 112640440 (Direct Line)
+94112650301 (Extension – 1040)

  • Current Teaching Modules
  • Design and Fabrication of Polymer Products
  • Dies and Moulds for Polymer Processing
  • Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
  • Research Interests
  • Rubber Engineering
  • Material Testing Instrumentation
  • Material Modeling and Simulation

Member, Institute of Materials, Mining and Minerels, UK.

2013-to date: Member of the Sectoral Committee on Materials, Mechanical Systems and
Manufacturing Engineering, Sri Lanka Standards Institution

2015-to date: Chairman, Working Group on Gum Boots, Sri Lanka Standards Institution

2014-2015: Member, Working Group on UPVC Fittings, Sri Lanka Standards Institution

2013-2016: Chairman, Working Group on Motor Cycle Tyres, Sri Lanka Standards

Member, Technical Evaluation Committee for Design, Construct, Operate and Manage the Media Centre with fully equipped media facilities for print and electronic media for
Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting – 2013

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Witharamage, C.S., Maddumage, M.M.B.S. and Weragoda, V.S.C., 2018, May.
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