The M.Sc./PG Dip in Materials Science offered by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of University of Moratuwa provides a unique opportunity for knowledge enhancement in the field of Material Science, ranging from fundamentals to advanced theories covering metals,ceramics,polymers,composites and nanomaterials. This postgraduate programme intend to enhance the knowledge of Materials Science of those with engineering or science background in order to meet the demands of the industry  and to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

The M.Sc./PG Dip in Materials Science is conducted on part-time basis, enabling students to continue their carrier while gaining further knowledge and qualifications.

This programme consists of a combination of compulsory modules and optional modules and a research project. Students may study only for 01 year to obtain Postgraduate Diploma. The programme runs on a semester basis, thus lectures, practical sessions and assignments are given in all two semesters in the first year. The examinations are held at the end of each semester. All lectures, practical sessions, presentations  and examinations will be conducted on weekends and holidays.

Credit Requirements
Postgraduate Diploma – 40 credits
Master of Science Degree – 60 credits


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Eligibility Requirements

Course Curriculum

Performance criteria

Master of Science Degree

Postgraduate diploma