15th Batch – Project Topics

Research Project TitleSupervisor(s)
Study the effect of Electron Wind Force on the Flow Stress under Uni-Axial Conditions on Low Carbon Steel- Dr. A.A.G.A . Abeygunawardane
TiO2 nanotube arrays for advanced functional devices.Dr. H.S. Sitinamaluwa
Mechanical behavior of amorphous alloys: a molecular dynamic simulation study Dr. H.S. Sitinamaluwa
Development of perovskite structured materials for solar cells.Dr. A.S. Galhenage
Development of anti-corrosive coating for reinforcement steel bars.Eng. S.P. Guluwita
Effect of marine environment on corrosion of mild steel.Eng. S.P. Guluwita
Natural waste materials based filter to treat polluted waterMr. S.V. Udayakumara
Graphene electrode for dye sensitized solar cellsDr. A.S. Galhenage
Natural rubber/silica /graphene based materials nanocomposites (latex): Synthesis, Characterization, and PropertiesDr. N.M.V.K. Liyanage
Natural rubber/silica/graphene based materials nanocomposites (two-roll mill processed) Synthesis, Characterization, and PropertiesDr. N.M.V.K. Liyanage
Study the effect of water to cement ratio(w/c) of concrete to Ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) measurement (after 28 days of casting)Mr.V.Sivahar
Comparison study of different mix design methods to the UPV measurementsMr.V.Sivahar
Mechanistic study of nano crystalline cellulose formation.Mr. A.M.P.B. Samarasekara
Investigation of thermal and mechanical properties of nano cellulose based composites.Mr. A.M.P.B. Samarasekara
Development of piezoelectric sensor based device.Prof.S.U.Adikary
Fabrication and design of a tensile split Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB) apparatusDr. A.A.G.A. Abeygunawardane
Study the effects of sulphide stress corrosion on the tensile strength of petroleum pipelinesDr. G.I.P. De Silva
Identification of defects and development of remedial materials for photoreceptor drum of laser printersDr. D. Attygalle
Detection of Arsenic level of drinking water using surface plasmon resonance sensorDr. D. Attygalle
Development of a low cost ceiling material based on local rice husks and waste plasticsMr.S.V.Udayakumara
Modify the asphalt bitumen to withstand high temperature Eng.S.P.Guluwita
A study on reducing casting defects leading to water leakage of sand casted water pumpDr. G.I.P. De Silva

14th Batch – Project Topics

Research Project TitleSupervisor (s)
Investigation of Local Activated Carbon Based Super- CapacitorDr. D. Attygalle
Solar Powered Domestic Waste DryerDr.A.S. Galhenage
Synthesis and Process Optimization of Nanocellulose Extraction from Agricultural waste.Mr.A.M.P.B.Samarasekara
Effect of Corrosion Pits on Fatigue Strength of Plain Carbon Steel.Dr.R.G.N.de Munasinghe
Suitability of Coarse And Fine Aggregate in Aruwakkalu to Produce Paving Blocks Used in Class A & Class B Roads. Eng.S.P.Guluwita
Development of Graphene Based Gas Sensor bars Dr.D.A.S. Amarasinghe
Synthesis and Characterization of TiO2 Nanotube ArraysDr. H.S.Sitinamaluwa
Determination of Moisture Content of Wood through Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Measurements.Mr.V.Sivahar
Improving the Mechanical Properties of Starter Motor Gear by Flame Hardening Process. latex and natural fibersDr.G.I.P.De Silva
Extraction and Use of Natural Dyes for FabricsMr.S.V.Udayakumara
Development of HDPE-Saw dust compositeMr. S.V. Udayakumara
Development of Saw Dust, Sand and Cement Based Plaster Material for Walls.Mr. S.V. Udayakumara
Development of Vibration and Shock Sensor using Piezoelectric Ceramics.Prof.S.U.adikary
Dynamic and Mechanical Analysis of Rubber Compound.Mr. V.S.C. Weragoda
Effect of carbon content on the correlation between Ultrasonic Attenuation and Corrosion of Plain Carbon Steels. Mr. V.Sivahar
Development of Polylactic Acid (PLA) Based Biodegradable Packaging MaterialsMr. B.Samarasekera
Dr. S. Amarasinghe
Development of Nano Silver Based Food Packaging. Dr. D.A.S. Amarasinghe
Development of Photosensor Based on Photo Dielectric Effect of CdSDr. D. Attygalle

Study of the Effect of Sulphide Stress Corrosion on the Load Bearing Capability of Pipeline Steel.Dr.G.I.P.De Silva
Detection and Investigation of Cause of Uncured Resin in Carbon Fiber Razor Cables.Mr.V.S.C.Weragoda
Suitability of Using Fine Aggregates in Aruwakkalu for Moulding Sand.Eng.S.P.Guluwita