Final Year Projects of 13th Batch

Research Project TitleSupervisor
Development of a thermal insulator based on phase change materialsDr. D. Attygalle
Development of photocatalytic antibacterial tilesDr.A.S. Galhenage
Development of a piezoelectric sensor based energy harvesting deviceDr.S.U. Adikary
Design and development of cement - fiber (Asbestos free) corrugated sheets for roofing applicationsDr.S.U. Adikary
Improvement of inter-grid point accuracy of a 2D pressure sensor by smoother interpolationDr. D. Attygalle
Dr. S. Amarasinghe
Development of metal oxide based gas sensorsDr. D. Attygalle
Dr. S. Amarasinghe
Investigation of the effect of orientation and spacing of graphite oxide platelets for capacitive gas sensingDr. D. Attygalle
Dr. S. Amarasinghe
Development of a CdS based opto-electronic switch for illumination control of street lampsDr. D. Attygalle
Effect of grain size on ultrasonic longitudinal wave velocity – to – shear wave velocity ratioMr. V. Sivahar
Ms. M.Piyathilaka
Estimation of degree of corrosion on inaccessible regions of steel using ultrasoundMr. V. Sivahar
Ms. M.Piyathilaka
Effect of Inter-granular corrosion on mechanical strength of mild steelProf. N. Munasinghe
Study of the suitability of Boron steel for tire locking applicationsMr.S.P.Guluwita
Effect of concrete mixture on pullout strength of reinforcement barsMr.S.P.Guluwita
Identification of the potential of local rice straw as a source of nano celluloseMr.B.Samarasekera
Dr. S. Amarasinghe
Study of thermal and mechanical properties of nano cellulose reinforced thermoplastic materialsMr.B.Samarasekera
Dr. S. Amarasinghe
Investigation of potential of nano silver impregnated polymers for food packaging applicationsMr.B.Samarasekera
Dr. S. Amarasinghe
Extraction of activated Carbon from used tea and coffee dustMr. S.V. Udayakumara
Development of fiber / rubber composites with improved mechanical propertiesDr.N.M.V.K. Liyanage


Final Year Projects of 12th Batch

Research Project TitleSupervisor
Thermoplastic modified with bitulineDr.N.M.V.K. Liyanage
Synthesis and characterization of nano celluloseMr.B.Samarasekera
Dr. S. Amarasinghe
Solar powered mini air conditioner forautomobilesDr.A.S. Galhenage
Removal of Mercury from Dental Waste Water Dr.A.S. Galhenage
Nondestructive evaluation of quality of adhesive bonds Mr. V. Sivahar
Nondestructive evaluation of corrosion damage of concrete reinforcement bars Mr. V. Sivahar
Mitigation of Heat Effect in Domestic Solar cells Dr.A.S. Galhenage
Investigation of the performance of coconut shell powder as a filler in natural rubber based compositesDr.N.M.V.K. Liyanage
Investigation of physical properties of nanocomposites based on natural rubber latex and natural fibersDr.N.M.V.K..Liyanage
Effect of carbon to manganese ratio on formability of plain carbon steel Mr.Guluwita
Development of HDPE-Saw dust compositeMr. S.V. Udayakumara
Development of composite material from waste LDPE and waste Paper Mr. S.V. Udayakumara
Development of antimicrobial material for food packaging applicationsMr. B.Samarasekera
Dr. S. Amarasinghe
Design and fabrication of dynamic mechanical analysor for testing of rubber compoundsMr. S. Weragoda
Design and fabrication of a rubber based strain sensor for vehicle tyreMr. S. Weragoda
Investigation of mechanical properties of microcrystalline cellulose compositesMr. B.Samarasekera
Dr. S. Amarasinghe
Development of smart sensor platform to monitor hazardous pollutants in waste waterDr. S. Amarasinghe
Survey of electrical property mismatch in locally available electrical components Dr. D. Attygalle
Dr. S. Amarasinghe
Development of metal oxide based solid state gas sensor platform Dr. D. Attygalle
Dr. S. Amarasinghe
Study of dielectric behavior of graphite oxide upon exposure to Chlorine gasDr. D. Attygalle
Dr. S. Amarasinghe
Development of wireless 2-D pressure distribution monitoring system Dr. D. Attygalle
Dr. S. Amarasinghe
Development of Copper Zinc Tin Sulphide (CZTS) based thin film solar CellDr. D. Attygalle
Investigation of Laser scribing technique for graphite oxide reduction and patterning Dr. D. Attygalle
Effect of different environmental conditions on mechanical properties of reinforcement bars Mr.Guluwita
Optimizing quenching media & quenching conditions of AISI 4140 tool steel Mr.Guluwita
Quality enhancement of locally manufactured billetsMr.Guluwita
Variation of mechanical properties with soaking time of TMT barsMr.Guluwita
Nondestructive estimation of thermal shock resistance of ceramicsMr. V. Sivahar
Development of light weight concrete using PVC wasteMr. S.V. Udayakumara
Development of natural fiber-plastic composite using Jute fiber and epoxy resinMr. S. V. Udayakumara